Confession Pool

Solo exhibition with Pille-Riin Jaik, Liisa Jugapuu.
19.08.—05.09.2015. Estonian Art Academy Gallery. Tallinn, Eesti.

Put your head on my shoulder baby
Things canʼt get any worse
Night is getting colder
Sometimes life feels like itʼs a curse
I canʼt carry these sins on my back
Donʼt wanna carry any more
Iʼm gonna carry this train off the track
Iʼm gonna swim to the ocean floor

(Mdn 7, 2.1-2)

“Visitors were admitted to the exhibition space one at a time, they were asked to take a postcard in with them with ghostly images of one the artists (Helena, Liisa or Pille-Riin) with the words „I Have Something To Confess...“ written in pink on the front of the cards and blank empty space on the back. The objective was to fill in their card with their own confession and bring it back out to the attendant waiting behind a desk at the exhibition entry/exit. Inside the dark and private gallery space was a minimalists, modernist OCD heaven. When entering the space the visitor is first faced with a transparent plastic curtain, that gave the illusion of some privacy. Onto the plastic transparent curtain the projected images of the three artists like a trio of cherubs or Saints. Once behind the transparent curtain the viewer found a large cloud like cushion on the floor, once again made with a transparent fabric that showed the inner cotton wadding lining. A television screen showed the video of blue skies and fluffy white clouds projected onto blinds and a hand cleaning the blinds.
Finally,and most importantly – in the corner was a small lucite table, that forced the visitor to kneel on a comfortable pad to use the table, this is where you made your confession after some meditation in the compassionate darkness. Once the confession card was filled in by the visitor it was given back to the gallery attendant behind the desk. In return the visitor could select from a desk drawer another card, this time with someone elseʼs confession written on it.”

-Stacey Koosel (“Swim to the Ocean Floor” 08.09.2015)