Etude of a Dream Catcher

1–channel video 7ʼ17ʼʼ

Exhibition view. “Post Winter Mixtape” with Anna Mari Liivrand, Ann Pajuväli, Inga Meldere, Jaanus Samma, Sigrid Viir.
Curated by Lilian Hiob and Alina Astrova.
28.02.—27.04.2019 at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia.
Photos by Anu Vahtra.

A screensaver-like lullaby for a mobile phone playing with elements from horror films and esoteric elements. The piece is partly inspired by Samuel Beckettʼs play “Rockaby” (1981), which is a minimalistic play about a prematurely aged woman and her dark and fatalistic train of thoughts.