Sandgrain's Ballad

Video 19ʼ45ʼʼ
Camera 1: Sten Saarits
Camera 2: Mari Kuuse
Voice: Raido Keskküla
Sandgrain: Helena Keskküla
Monkfish Rando: Lauri Luud
Boy: Karl Keskküla
Older mermaid: Riina Rothla-Simisker

Exhibition view. “Sandgrainʼs Ballad”. Solo exhibition coordinated by Rebeka Põldsam. 03.08.—17.09.2017 at Avangard Gallery. Pärnu, Estonia. Photos by Helena Keskküla

“Sandgrainʼs Ballad tells the story of a mermaid called Little Sandgrain (Liivaterake), who has to pay the price of losing her voice for walking on the land as a human being. The dream of this mermaidʼs life is to ride a car, and therefore, she has been collecting matchbox cars, that she keeps in plastic bottles just as humans keep model ships in glass bottles. One day she decides to go onto the land and rides a car. Yet, after a short while, Little Sandgrain starts to develop a homesickness for the sea —, where it is now too dangerous to return.

On the one hand, Sandgrainʼs Ballad is one artistʼs interpretation of sea myths. On the other hand, it tells the metaphorical story of a society that is defined by a dictated obsession with reproduction. Thus, the heroines of the ballad have to risk losing their voice in order to realise their dreams. At the end of the tale, they face their fears bravely, hand in hand, knowing that in the end, there will be nothing left of them but sea foam.” - Rebeka Põldsam