Flowers and Boogeymen, Telenovelas are Stupid

Solo exhibition
19.12.2019—13.01.2020. Hobusepea Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia.

In her earlier artist practice, Helena Keskküla has repeatedly played with sentimentality combined with text and music, therefore having reached the genre of musical as a logical result. The artist is continuously interested in what happens when using songs, humour and plain language in order to speak about one's fears. A musical film Flowers and Boogeymen, Telenovelas are Stupid, also called as a horror-musical, is the centerpiece of the present exhibition. The piece is about a creative person who is diagnosed with an unusual yet harmless physiological anomaly. Facing the symptoms creates psychological stress manifesting both in personal and professional spheres.

The artist expresses her gratitude to the filming team and actors:
Judith Boeschoten,
Lidewei Egbers,
Clara Langlois,
Renée van Zadelhoff,
Kaspar Sellin,
Pascalle Olthof,
Juri de Wolf,
Jan Koks,
Chris Houle,
Lin Hou Oei,
Jaap Mar Diemel,
Merlijn Willemsen,
Camiel Povel,
Jurriaan Kruithof,
Freija Hogenboom,
Willem Sluyterman van Loo,
Clemens Stumpf,
Mayra Soares,
Jesse van den Broek,
Jelle Haen,
Jessica Matheson,
Seioin Lee,
Henrik Rakitin,
Bo Kamphues,
Franka Wisselink,
Kate-Lyn Kendell Meistré,
Villem Rootalu,
Mirthe Bron,
Joost Koster,
Tatyana Shpadi,
Asia Skupinska,
Paul Schauenburg,
Beatriz Lerer Ferreira,
Lucien Easton,
Juni Mun,
Liis Rannamäe,
Ketlin Virumäe,
Helle Rimm,
Liis Lulla,
Anne Karu,
Priit Veia,
David Gibbs,
Johanna Földesi.

Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Tungsten Studio, Oud Katholieke Kerk Haarlem, Car Casting Holland, friends and family.
Supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.