Flower Arrangement

Performance and installation
(wood, flowers, audio)

Exhibition view. “1iJ” curated by Ekaterina Scherbakova. 04.08.—09.09.2018 at Estonian Contemporary Art Museum. Tallinn, Estonia. Photos by Paul Kuimet, Laurent Emonide

Stage constructed by Teele Kumm
Truu Lill performed by Ann Marii Kirsi

“Flower Arrangement” is a performative piece for which Helena Keskküla has created an artist called Truu Lill. Truu Lill is someone who can be performed by anyone. For the exhibition “1iJ” Keskküla found a 15 year old girl from her home town Pärnu to perform two songs written by the artist herself. As there are not so many charismatic singer-songwriter female artists in Estonian pop music, but a tradition of male managers creating pop stars out of young girls, Keskküla tried what happens if she takes the “managerʼs” role on herself. Truu Lill performed 3 times during the exhibition. As an installation it was possible to sit on the stage and hear Truu Lill singing from ear phones coming out of the flower arrangements.