Logical Song

Solo exhibition with Art Nõukas.
17.03.—29.03.2015. Estonian Art Academy Gallery. Tallinn, Eesti.
Photos: Janis Kokk

A Logical Song” uses the mechanisms of Estonianization of Western songs, which is a rather common practice in Estonia. The works explore which myths form around the song and its presenter and what kind of shape can the song acquire in the culture decades later. The exhibition touches the boundaries between generations, although the artists will not remain merely analytic by- standers. By restaging the history, they manipulate with the viewers, but at the same time remain its representatives themselves by criticizing the modern age.

The exhibition is composed of four intertwined episodes that revolve around the Estonian translation of Roger Hodgsonʼs song “The Logical Song”, which gained popularity in the 1970s.
Logical Song