Oʼ Why do we play this game?

Solo exhibition with Art ja Helena (Art Nõukas, Helena Keskküla).
16.03.—4.04.2016. Hobusepea Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia.

This exhibition is about cooperation and competition. Competition exist also in areas where it is not so clearly distinctive. This wish to succeed exists in every field, but some fields have clearer definition for it than others. Art world is one of these worlds where rules and rankings are quite abstract and subjective. Our exhibition is built around this notion. We have worked with some quite classic sculpture materials and have created objects which fluctuate between being a sculpture and having a function.

A: Itʼs a complicated subject. We are the fastest and most versatile by ourselves, but then we lack direct competition. Together itʼs interesting to compete with the other. It has the most movement, emotion, sweat and tears.
H: Well, we take it all rather superficially, in a way.
A: That superficiality was something that failed us last time. Our focus changed completely in the end. Itʼs not all that bad, but the starting point was more expressive, more interesting than the emotionality and ambivalence of music. The game is good, but in our fiction we should overproduce things and memories, instead of doing less.
H: Well that is the game, isnʼt it?
A: Yes, letʼs hope this is our first win. But I think the situation is different right now and everybody knows that if we win this game, we are qualified. But I guess itʼs still too early to collect the trophies. As itʼs too early to start discussing all the possible results that may come.
H: I also wanted rush in and say that the game has to start good. It will give another momentum to the whole game.
A: Ouch, wrong pass.
H: But thatʼs exactly how it started the last time. Our wrong passes and fast attacks.
A: Very beautiful. Itʼs pretty sure that either of us will try to take more of the game on our shoulders.
H: Yes. Ouch, that ball flew off right now...