Pärnu is Drowning, So am I

Solo exhibition at Draakon Cellar Gallery.
01.07.— 9.07.2016. Tallinn, Estonia

A solo exhibition inspired by the motives of my hometown Pärnu. Pärnu is a small seasisde resort, which in Estonia is mainly known for its beautiful beach, but has other very different connotations and meanings related to it. It is the official summer capital of Estonia, however it is also called “the capital of beatings” and “the capital of skinheads”. Because of beautiful tanned girls and clubbing it is sometimes jokingly named “California of Estonia”.

Pärnu is suiting home for a contemporary mermaid. Little mermaid gave away her voice in exchange of feet so she could stay on land near her loved one. The ehibition is mixing the myth of little mermaid, elements from touristic resorts and Pärnu cityscape.

The exhibition consists of a fridge under a red light with photos of a young lady in relaxing home enviroments nad taking care of her body. The photos are sticked on the fridge with magnets which have different sea related logos from Pärnuʼs institutions and businesses.

On the wall are six reliefs made out of plasticine and seashells, which depict some of Pärnuʼs many sea and beach inspired logos of different spas, solariums, night clubs and restaurants.

In the second room is a ca 10 minutes long video projection, a blue carpet and a self-written song “Pärnu is drowning, So am I” looping on the backrgound.